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Heresite VR-514

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Heresite VR-514 

These thin film air dry phenolics are excellent for corrosive fume atmospheres, and are particularly good in coastal and marine salt air environments. These thin film coatings exhibit excellent durability, good adhesion and flexibility. Typical applications include Structural Steel, Sewage Plants, Coastal and Marine installations, Finned Tube Coils, and HVAC/R equipment exposed to saline and other corrosive atmospheres.

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Heresite is the coating of choice when your air, fume handling and heat transfer equipment requires resistance from the harshest marine and/or chemical environments. These include coastal and offshore marine environments where high atmospheric salinity is present or urban or industrial areas with atmospheres containing corrosive agents such as sulphur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.

Proven over 80 years of use in the field, across a wide variety of the most demanding operating conditions, Heresite keeps your air, fume handling and heat transfer equipment performing at their peak and increasing their service life.


A leader in corrosion prevention, Heresite Protective Coatings have been used for decades to solve corrosion problems in a variety of applications including commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration or other industrial process coils and components that are regularly exposed to corrosive conditions.

Coastal and marine environments are especially prone to atmospheric corrosion, and we’ve helped protect systems in the refineries, offshore drilling, industrial infrastructure/facilities, power generation, telecommunications, hotel/motel, and retail and medical facilities in these locales.


This family of thin film, air dry phenolics is excellent for resistance to corrosive fume atmospheres and is particularly good in marine and salt air environments. VR-514 coatings exhibit superior durability, excellent adhesion and good flexibility. Typical applications include Swimming Pools, Waste Water/Sewage Plants, Marine Environments and as a general maintenance coating. These coatings are widely used in protecting Finned Tube Coils and HVAC-R equipment in salt air and other corrosive atmospheres.

VR-514 was recently reformulated for improved application properties. VR-514 can be applied by brush, spray or roller, and offers excellent durability, good adhesion, good film building characteristics and flexibility. VR-514 is also perfect for smaller repair jobs on larger units or a small residential do-it-yourself coil coating application.

VR-514 is available in an aerosol version (VR-514T) for those smaller “touch up” jobs such as Solder Joints, Finned Tube coil touch up, Fans, Duct Work, Copper Tubing and other maintenance projects.


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