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    ODF & SAE Filter Driers  

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  2. emersonlogo

    Emerson Liquid Line Filter Drier
    1/4" SAE 
    Model : EK052

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  3. emersonlogo

    ADK Core Style Liquid Line Filter Drier

    1/2" 30Cu (Sae) Flare 
    Part# Pcn 060173
    Model: ADK-304 

    5/8" 16Cu (Sae) Flare
    Part# Pcn 059842
    Model: ADK-165

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  4. Danfoss Logo

    Burn-out Filter Drier Core
    Type: 48-DA
    Solid core for acid adsorption after burnout.
    Refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A and R507.
    Model#: 023U5381

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