Single Zone Split Systems

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  • Coldwave Forest Air Conditioner
    As low as TTD 2,000.00


    Available Sizes: 12000, 18000 BTU/h 

                                *24000 BTU/h - stock arriving in May 2023*

    Turbo mode - Get instant and powerful coolness with our air conditioner's turbocharger.
    Enjoy refreshing comfort with maximum airflow speed.

    Prime Guard - Choose our air conditioner for long-lasting, reliable performance.
    Our heat exchanger is resistant to water, rust, and grease erosion for steady operation over time.

    Dual Filtration - Our air conditioner's Dual Filtration system ensures fresh and clean air.
    Featuring the Full High Density filter and Micro Protection Filter, it eliminates harmful particles and indoor air pollution.

    Self Cleaning - Our air conditioner's self-cleaning feature removes condensed water to prevent bacteria and mold growth.
    Enjoy a clean and hygienic unit every time you use it.

    Sweet Dream - Enjoy a good night's sleep with our air conditioner's Sleep feature.
    The temperature curve is specifically programmed for sleep time and designed to fit common human biology for a night of sweet dreams.

    Follow Me - Keep the remote controller close to you and press the ‘Follow Me’ button, and the remote will auto-calculate
    the temperature around to ensure the temperature of the airflow surrounding you is cool enough

    Favorite Cool - Our air conditioner's 'Favorite' button saves your preferred settings for instant activation.
    Enjoy effortless comfort without time-consuming adjustments.

    Gold Fin Protection - Protect your air conditioner from corrosion with our gold-plated fin heat exchanger and special anti-corrosion coating.
    Upgrade to our unit for reliable and durable performance in even the most aggressive environments.

    Wide-range Voltage Operation - Voltage range cover: 160-260V



  • York Highwall Mini-Split Air Conditioner
    As low as TTD 0.00


    York Highwall Mini-Split Air Conditioner

    Available in: 12000 , 18000 BTU/h
    Eco-friendly R401A Refrigerant
    Intelligent Sleep Mode
    Turbo Cool
    LED Display On/Off
    Self Diagnostics
    Silent Mode
    Child Lock
    Easy Installation
    Easy Maintenance



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    Please note for this unit, base price does not include trunking & bracket

  • Gree Fairy 18 Seer
    TTD 10,900.00


    Gree Fairy Highwall Fixed Frequency Mini-Split Air Conditioner

    Available Sizes: 36000 BTU/h
    Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant
    I Feel
    Sleep Mode
    Memory Function
    Turbo Cooling
    Energy Saving
    Rotary Compressor
    Auto Swing (vertical)
    Multiple Fan speeds
    Auto Restart
    Quiet Operation
    Automatic Operation
    Dehumidify Function
    Auto Fan
    Hidden LED Display
    Blue Fin Condenser




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