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Panel Mounted Ceiling Diffuser for T-Bar Mounting
Sustainable Extruded Aluminum
Model#: JS-PLT-4

Finish: ANOD Clear Anodized

Available Sizes: 24" x 24" / 10" x 10"
                             24" x 24" / 12" x 12"
                             24" x 24" / 14" x 14"

*Alternative Sizes & Custom Colors Available on Special Order. 

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From $370.00


This model is assembled in a two-part system: one is the ceiling diffuser itself with frame and blades extruded from 6063 aluminum alloy, the other is the aluminum panel into which the diffuser with its extruded frame is mounted.

The core is non-removable. The diffuser increases in 2" increments beginning with a 6" x 6" through 18" x 18" as the largest avaiable size. It is available in square configurations only.

This model is designed to fit the following T-bar systems: 24" x 24"
                                                                                                             24" x 36"
                                                                                                             24" x 48"
                                                                                                             36" x 36"
                                                                                                             48" x 48"

An optional OB damper mounts through a series of spring clips and is lever-operated from the face of the unit.

This model is painted either in white or aluminum in color.


JS-PLT-4 Dimensions


Optional: Opposed Blade Damper.

Available only for our most popular size: 12" x 12" JSPLT-4 diffuser. If you require another size please contact us.

OB Damper 




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