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Carrier Aquasnap® 30RB

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Carrier Aquasnap® 30RB

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Full-load EER values up to 9.7
IPLV values up to 14.2
Easy to use controls
Low sound levels
Operation from -20 F to 125 F ambient conditions
High-efficiency scroll compressors
Energy Management Module minimizes chiller energy consumption (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
Minimum load control (factory-installed option or field-installed accessory)
ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
ARI certified


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Leave it to Carrier to design chillers in ways you’ll notice at the initial purchase, through installation and for years afterward. Our Aqua Series chillers install quickly and easily to save you time and money. And the savings will continue to mount with lower operating costs due to Aqua Series’ superior full- and part-load performance.


AquaForce® chillers with HFC-134a provide best-in-class full and part-load performance in a single chassis, while exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 standards. With environmentally sound refrigerant, simple installation, superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects.


Environmental Leadership
Carrier was the first manufacturer to introduce non-ozone-depleting refrigerant a full six years ahead of the competition — paving the way for the future. Once again, Carrier leads the way, being the first to use environmentally sound refrigerant in air-cooled chillers. All of the energy-efficient AquaSnap chillers, from 10 to 390 tons, come standard with Puron refrigerant and can be incorporated into Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™ projects. Furthermore all of the AquaForce chillers utilize HFC-134a.


Aqua Series air-cooled chillers feature a compact,
all-in-one package design. Aqua Series chillers are available with or without an integrated hydronics package in many sizes. If you choose the optional built-in hydronics package, you get an entire chilled-water system with the pump, circuit setter, strainer, required piping and freeze protection to -20°F. For installation convenience, all pump motors offer standard VFD (variable frequency drive) compatibility. This prepackaged design costs less than buying and installing the components individually. The Aqua Series also saves on installed cost due to its rugged base frame. This feature is standard on all units greater than 60 tons. The frame is capable of point loading, which lowers installed cost by eliminating expensive field-erected base rails.

Along with cost efficiency in purchase and installation, Aqua Series chillers are also more affordable to operate. They are highly efficient, with full-load energy efficiency ratios (EER) up to 10.9 and integrated part-load value (IPLV) ratings as high as 15.4. The key to Aqua Series chillers’ great operating performance is the use of highly efficient rotary scroll and screw compressors. These compressors use patented sealing techniques, allowing for high volumetric efficiency and low frictional losses. They are maintenance-free and protected by an auto-adaptive control that minimizes wear.


Aqua Series chillers make their noise in the marketplace, not the workplace. The AeroAcoustic™ fan is almost twice as quiet as the competition. Much of the reduction is in frequencies where noise is the most annoying, making Aqua Series chillers ideal for sound-sensitive environments. In addition, Aqua Series chillers offer a low-sound option.

The Right Level of Control
The ComfortLink™ control system makes it easy to monitor and control each Aqua Series air-cooled chiller. The ComfortLink system provides functions such as demand limit, load shed and water temperature reset capabilities. These features provide added control for reduced energy usage.

The Aqua Series chillers offer many display options, including the Touch PilotTM, standard on AquaForce® chillers and the scrolling marquee on AquaSnap® chillers. These act as windows to the unit’s operation and greatly reduce start-up time. An easy-to-follow menu structure makes it simple to find the required information for start-up and service.

The Touch Pilot display provides an easy to use touch screen user interface. It provides access to configuration, maintenance, service, setpoint, time schedule, alarm history and status data. The scrolling marquee’s large light-emitting diode (LED) display is easy to read in any lighting condition. Even gloved hands can easily access large control buttons.
An optional accessory on all Aqua Series chillers, the NavigatorTM controller by Carrier is an exclusive remote handheld diagnostic unit, which provides expanded information on virtually every aspect of operation, helping technicians to quickly diagnose problems and even prevent them from occurring.
All Aqua Series chillers are also ready to be used with the Carrier
Comfort Network® (CCN).

For all your comfort needs, Carrier has the right level of control.                   xa4

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